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Ep 34: Jonathan Krueger from Living a Richer Life By Design, interviews David McKnight

June 26, 2019
David has been in the industry since 1997, serving people and trying to insulate them from the coming tax storm. David’s wife and seven kids live with him in Puerto Rico, and he’s written several books to get the word out to the American people. David Walker was the former Comptroller General of the...

Amazon #1 Best Selling Books

The Power Of Zero book
The Power of Zero

"Excellent strategies to pay fewer taxes in retirement. A bit technical, but he keeps advising you to get a good financial advisor to set yourself up properly. I liked that he gave good examples of how the strategies work in real life. This book should be read by anyone who wants to have more money available to them in retirement".

- Mark W

Look Before You Lirp book
Look Before You LIRP

"This was a well written book which explains our threat of increased taxes due to the national debt and how to mitigate the risk. The author identifies the solutions and explains the methodology in depth".

- Jack Hradesky

New book The Volatility Shield book
The Volatility Shield

"As Americans have less and less discretionary money it is now even more difficult to build for a successful retirement. This strategy allows for more aggressive investing, quality lifetime retirement income and legacy planning, all the while protecting for long-term care. All with the same dollars! Every American should read this book!"

- Van Mueller, LUTCF

About David McKnight

David McKnight graduated from Brigham Young University with Honors in 1997. Over the past 20 years David has helped put thousands of Americans on the road to the zero percent tax bracket. He has made frequent appearances in Forbes, USA Today, New York Times, CBS Radio, Bloomberg Radio, Huffington Post, Reuters, CNBC, Yahoo Finance,, Investor’s Business Daily, MarketWatch and numerous other national publications. His bestselling book The Power of Zero has sold over 185,000 copies and the updated and revised version was published by Penguin Random House. When it was launched in September of 2018, it finished the week as the #2 most-sold business book in the world. This book was recently made into a full-length documentary film, also entitled The Power of Zero. As the President of David McKnight & Company, he mentors hundreds of financial advisors from across the country who specialize in The Power of Zero retirement approach. He and his wife Felice have seven children.

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