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The Power of Zero

"This is a timely book that can help you help yourself plan for a secure retirement."

Hon. David M. Walker,
Former US Comptroller General
on The Power of Zero

Look Before You LIRP

"Life insurance for retirement? Yes! Once again David McKnight shows us how to use what I believe is the single biggest benefit in the tax code – the tax exemption for life insurance – to create the holy grail of retirement planning. The ‘Life Insurance Retirement Plan’ is something every retiree (or soon-to-be retiree) should consider if they don’t want to spend their retirement years worrying about the stock market or Uncle Sam devouring their retirement savings."

Ed Slott, CPA and retirement expert,
author and founder of,
founder of Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor Group
New book

The Volatility Shield

“As Americans have less and less discretionary money it is now even more difficult to build for a successful retirement. This strategy allows for more aggressive investing, quality lifetime retirement income and legacy planning, all the while protecting for long-term care. All with the same dollars! Every American should read this book!”

Van Mueller, LUTCF