August 14, 2019 David McKnight
Barrons’s: The Stretch IRA Is About to Snap

Barron’s has an insightful article that echoes my concerns with the SECURE Act (see Podcast Episode #33) quoting friend and retirement expert Ed Slott.  Bottom line:  Roth IRAs and life insurance can help you keep more of your money in the family. Let’s face it, wh...

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July 15, 2019 David McKnight
The Power of Zero Ranked #9 Financial Resource by Forbes Magazine

I’m honored to announce that Forbes Magazine just ranked my bestselling book The Power of Zero as the #9 financial resource in the country.  If you’d like to read the article you can do so here. Also, a few other items: The Volatility Shield is now availabl...

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March 20, 2019 David McKnight
Today We Launch “The Volatility Shield”! Help Us Get It to #1 on Amazon!

I’m excited to announce that today, March 20th, is the worldwide launch of The Volatility Shield: How to Vanquish the 4% Rule and Maximize Your Retirement Income! With your help, we can push it to #1 on Amazon.  I’d be honored if you bought a copy! You can purchase it in paperb...

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January 14, 2019 David McKnight
Is the Power of Zero Mentor Program Right for You?

Every week I get emails from advisors asking me how they can integrate the Power of Zero approach into their practice.  The easy answer to this question is to join the Power of Zero Mentor Program.  As a member of this elite group, you’ll get access to the following: The Power of...

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December 20, 2018 David McKnight
My Article on Fox Business and Yahoo Finance: “For Roth Conversion Fans, the Tax Sale is ON

My most recent article on Roth Conversions and “The Tax Sale of a Lifetime” can be found here on Fox Business or here on Yahoo Finance.  Or read below! For Roth Conversion Fans, the Tax Sale Is On! The December 31st deadline is fast approaching which m...

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